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iPhone 5c or...


New member
Dec 17, 2014
Im buying a friend a new phone and can't decide between two; on contract at a good monthly deal and a price at $0: the iPhone 5c, or the Galaxy S4.

I've used Android before but it was years ago and I'm too new to iPhone to make a decision. But this isn't about me:

My friend is a tech noobie; not very tech savvy and usually needs a learning curve when using new tech. She is also a traditional mobile phone user; doesn't watch any movies on it, store music, download a bunch of apps or even stream youtube. She uses it to call and text, and maybe take the odd picture and check email. That's pretty much it. She just needs something that can 'do' these things well.

Both I know are good devices and price obviously isn't an issue because theyre both free with term.


New member
Jan 10, 2014
An iPhone will hold up longer over the years compared to an Android device. Apple maintains the hardware and software in the equation so their devices are always positioned to perform well for several years before it is time to trade up into a new device. With Samsung/HTC/LG you have to deal with shorter lifecycles, multiple product refreshes and fragmentation within the ecosystem. The core functionality of the device will work, but over time you will see lesser feature and app options.


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Oct 22, 2010
Didn't know moderators had to "approve" of threads before being posted. Ended up sending multiple threads because I didn't see it instantly.
New users initial posts are sometimes moderated as a means of spam prevention...