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Iphone 4 Restore Data with no Back up


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I just got an Iphone, that my mother used to use, I have never used an iphone before. I'm traveling at the moment, so my boyfriend gave his laptop to use for this period of time. I tried to download something but was required to create a new ID Apple account, which I did, then it said that I had to update my IOS, in order to do that I had to connect the iphone to the laptop, as soon as it updated itself, I realized that I'm holding a phone with my boyfriend's data in it because it was his itunes on a computer. I'm feeling desperate because as i said I'm traveling and I took bunch of pictures already that just have disappeared.. Is there anyway I can restore them, because I had no backup? not even ICloud... only Apple account. I would really appreciate any suggestions!


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
If you did not back up the device to iCloud or iTunes, and photostream was not enabled prior to everything getting wiped, then the answer is NO!