iPhone 3GS jailbreak is out!


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Mar 6, 2009
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goehot released a jailbreak for the 3GS a few hours ago... only takes a couple of minutes, and works great. Have cydia installed on mine now.


Just click the windows logo thing. He's still working on a Windows 7 and Mac version.


Jul 3, 2009
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Matt, I am new to jailbreaking. Are there install guides or any information on how to perform the jailbreak. The website link you provided doesn't have instructions.

I also have a couple other questions that hopefully someone can answer.

About 30 days ago I originally purchased a Samsung Eternity, then got on the $30/month Mobile TV + Unlimited Internet plan.

A week later I returned the Eternity and exchanged it for an iPhone 3g. When Best Buy did the exchange, all they did was take my sim card out of the Eternity and place it in the iPhone. They didn?t change my plan to the iPhone plan. I was happy about that, because I like the freedom of knowing that I could cancel the internet if I wanted to, but you can?t cancel the iPhone data plan.

The day after I got the 3G, Apple announced that the 3gs would be out in a couple of weeks.

One of the pieces of functionality on the new 3.0 software that I wanted, which was not available on the 3G, was the Bluetooth file transfer protocol. I wanted to stream music from my iPhone to my truck stereo.

While I was waiting for the 3gs phone to be released, I kept the 3g and decided I would download the 3.0 software to it to try the new Bluetooth functionality. Please keep in mind that my data plan was the Mobile TV + Unlimited Internet plan, which is not a plan that you are supposed to have on an iPhone.

After I downloaded the 3.0 software to my 3G, I was no longer able to access the internet. I kept getting an error message saying that I didn?t have an appropriate data plan.

I hoped that by performing a restore via iTunes, that would fix the problem and I would then be able to access the internet again (at least temporarily until I exchanged to the 3GS with the same OS), but that had no effect. I was able to, however, use my sim card in my wife?s iPhone (which I didn?t upgrade to 3.0) and access the internet after I jacked my phone up.

So once the 3GS?s were released, I exchanged my 3G for a 3GS, and again Best Buy just put my sim card into my new phone.

So I tried accessing the internet, and I was not surprised when I got an error message that said that I did not have an appropriate data plan.

I thought I was doomed and I would have to finally just accept that I will forever have to have the iPhone data plan as long as I use the phone. That was, until I ran across some hack when I was at work. The hack was actually a ?how to tether your iphone 3gs without jailbreaking?. I figured I might want that functionality once I was able to access the internet on my phone.
I used my work?s wifi on my phone to download the hack, then installed it in a couple of minutes. Tried the tethering with using my work?s wifi, and everything worked fine.

One thing happened that I was not expecting?Now I was able to access the internet using the Mobile TV + Unlimited Internet package.

That was great news for me because I could cancel that data plan anytime I wanted to, unlike the iPhone data plan.

This past week, I did a little reading on several iPhone forums and ran across some great advice. They said that if you want to change your features, put your iPhone sim into a cheap AT&T phone, make a couple of calls (voicemail works), then log into your AT&T account. Your account should now show the ?new? phone, and it will allow you to change features.

Because I was on the $30/month Mobile TV + Unlimited Internet, I decided to try the advice to see if I could change my plan to the $15/month Unlimited Internet plan. I tried it and it works great.

So all of that information leads me to my question.

What will happen if I register my 3GS via iTunes? Does that send any information to AT&T, and will my data plan get changed? I realize there?s a chance that AT&T will find out even without my registering my phone via iTunes, but if the chances are greater due to registering via iTunes I don?t want to do it.

Does anyone else have the $15/month plan on your iPhone? How long have you been able to get away with it? What happens if I have a problem or question related to my account? Are they going to ask me for serial #?s, etc so they can find out I have an iPhone?

Any other hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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