Kernel Panic when starting up Mac OS. iMac 27 2017


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A few months ago, I was using the iMac and opened up spotlight search and there was my first ever kernel panic. It restarted then I logged back in and everything works fine.

After a month, I had 2 QuickTime player windows open, a Final Cut Pro window, a Chrome tab with only 8GB RAM. A kernel panic happened and I was able to log back in and opened up chrome and started watching a YouTube video, after a minute or so, another kernel panic happened and another one after reaching the login screen. It kept restarting (it's like the Kernal panic countdown started getting shorter to the point where it wouldn't even reach the login screen. After a few restarting, it showed a ''prohibitory sign'', after 30 seconds it shut off. I tried booting into Recovery mode but no luck. I tried booting into internet recovery, the globe did a quick spin and went into the same apple logo and progress bar and it did a kernel panic. I pressed Alt at startup and selected my BootCamp drive (Windows) it booted with no problems at all.

It's been a few months since my last interaction with Mac OS. Every time
I boot I have to hold down alt and select BootCamp. I'm currently writing this post on my BootCamp drive with no problems at all. Video editing works better than Mac OS. The reason I got an iMac is to use mac os and not windows or I could've just got a PC instead. So I would like to fix the Mac OS portion of this iMac.

Mac OS Version: 10.14.2 (I think)
iMac 5K 27'' 2017
3.8GHZ core i5
8GB Ram
2 TB Fusion Drive
Radeon Pro 580 (8GB) Graphics Card


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Jan 8, 2012
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Do you have a boot disk/boot USB stick reformat the hard disk and get macOS reinstalled? If not, do you anyone who does and fan you possibly borrow it?

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