iPhone 3GS App Bugs

DJ DeNegron

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Jul 7, 2009
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Hello my fellow iPhone lovers, this is my first time on this blog and like you all I have big problems with my iPhone. I want to know if this is happening to you as well. What is happening to is my App's icons are blending together with a different mane for that App, so of course I call apple care and we went through the same step by step they always do, anyway it worked!! all look the same, but wait!!!!:eek: as soon as I hard reset my iPhone it all happened again :(, so I called the apple store by my home and explained my issue with the phone they told come in and they would check it out so I did. Well they gave me a new phone so now I'm happy :). Well 2 days pass and guess what! yes your right App's are blended together :(. So I get on the horn again and tell them my ongoing issue, and I explain to them that I know what to do I've done it and it's not working so what do I do:rolleyes: They tell me It must be a bad App, I said what should I do he told me plug your phone in to itunes and reset your phone as new and put in your App's one by one and the hard reset your phone for every App, so I did painful but I did it. So what is the verdict? Well I found that there are a lot of App's that I have is not compatible with the new iPhone 3GS mmmmm!! so what happens with all the App's I paid for? are they ever going to fix there App's? Anyway if anyone had this same issue and you found a way to fix it let me know please. Sorry for the long message.
DJ DeNegron


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Jul 7, 2009
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There's nothing wrong with your phone or your previous one. This is actually a known bug in the 3.0 OS and many iPhone users, including myself, have been "plagued" with this. Apple is currently working on a new FW that'll include bug fixes for this issue. Sit tight.

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