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Icloud document when tap automatically save to Google Drive


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Recently, when I try to open a microsoft document (word/excel/ppt) in my icloud folder, it automatically open the google drive and the only option was to save it to google drive. When I clicked save, it doesn't save at all!
This problem suddenly occur on my iphone and ipad pro. Previously, i just tap on the document I want to view and it will d/l on icloud and allow view.
Please help. thanks


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
Where are you accessing the iCloud folder you mentioned?


New member
Sep 20, 2017
I am accessing on my ipad pro and iphone.
it was fine all this while and now I cannot open my word/ppt/excel directly. It leads me to save in google drive but it doesnt save at all! thanks for helping