Hairline scratch


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Am I just being OCD because I can't stop taking out my flashlight just to check for scratches. I should have bought a screen protector, I'll get one soon. But basically I can't see any scratches when I just use the phone, but I keep thinking the glass stays 100% perfect but then I get worried so I take a flashlight and shine it around the display and see thin hairline like scratches that I can feel with my finger, but I can't see them at all when I use them normally. Only if I go around looking for it with the flashlight. So am I just being OCD here thinking the glass will stay 100% perfect rest of its life?


Mar 11, 2013
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It appears you should buy a screen protector as soon as possible

Although gorilla glass is strong it's not impervious to wear as your device gets used so protect it now