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Jul 14, 2008
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hii. unfortunately the iphone 3g doesn't satisfy my needs out here in the country... so I'm going to not cancel the line but alter it. lol

i know that i will be going to transfer this line into my parents family plan, which will reduce the bill... but i am wondering if they will let me take out my data plan. I wont be having the iphone anymore ... and do you think they will let me transfer after a week of activation ?

Also i would like to know if a person is able to add either data plans "20" "30" $ data plans into anyones line. Say I have given the iphone3g to someone and they just have a line. are they able to add the 30 plan, maybe perhaps if ATT doesn't know and add the EDGE plan ?

I'd appreciate it if any one has the answer :eek:
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Jun 4, 2008
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What you should do is return the phone and cancel the iPhone upgrade contract. You are well with the 30 days and will have no problem doing this. This would, of course, disallow you from giving the phone away, but you can't give 3G iPhones away anyway. ATT ties every phone to a contract. Without giving them the phone(and being within 30 days of activation), you can't cancel your contract without an ETF. And similarly, unless you buy an iPhone directly from ATT you can't get service on it, because they assume it was obtained unlawfully.

This is likely to change as more and more people cancel their contracts early, selling their phones; right now however, unless purchases accompany contracts you can't get a contract(or probably have the phone on a month to month basis).

Take the phone back, get a refund(!), avoid paying an ETF, then switch carriers/phones/whatever. I don't see you having another option. And if you did, it would be a lot of hassle for a little reward.

Then again, you can sell the phone to some twit for a lot of money, conning them into thinking they can get a contract. That might be unethical though.

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