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Games and 120hz


New member
Oct 31, 2012
Do games have to be optimized for the 120 hz display? I thought not but in at least one game in particular it doesn't seem to be smoother. Boom beach seems the same as before but scrolling and in apps or webpages etc the improvement is very noticeable.

Loving the new pad so far though. Only other complaint since I am coming from a mini 4, with higher resolution, is that you actually can see a bit of jagged edges on lettering etc.

Edit: Even some webpages are noticeably more juddery. Google news for example is basically like my old iPad scrolling but this site and most others are buttery smooth. So either apple is making google stuff look bad(lol) or there is some algorithm at work here so some pages scroll at 120 and other not.

Don't get me wrong, I love this thing. Just trying to figure the new stuff out. Can't wait for ios11. Right now it was just a very very expensive upgrade of my minis screen and speakers.
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