File Syncing on iOS to local disk


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Oct 23, 2013
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Hi Rene,

My number one wish for iOS would be an ability to sync chosen folders so that all files in that folder are downloaded onto the device and available off-line. This works wonderfully with services like Dropbox or OneDrive on Mac and PC.

The reality of mobile internet access is that when travelling there are lots of occasions when I can't access my files on my iOS device.

So the question is why is this not available on iOS and is there any chance of it becoming available in future ?

It must be technically feasible as it currently happens pretty effectively with my Apple Music songs or with Photos where songs or pictures are downloaded or uploaded pretty rapidly and my devices kept in sync. The amount of data I would use with files is a fraction of what I use with music and photos. A few dozen word and excel files.

Really appreciate your take on this.


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Apr 28, 2016
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Readdle's Documents can sync to a SMB/Samba share folder. I often us this to easily offload and load files between my devices. Free app and amazing.

Part of this depends on the app, in my experience. For example, iA Writer tries to sync everything from iCloud and keeps all files downloaded.

The problem is that there is an assumption of connectivity. I disagree with it as much as you do. It doesn't "just work" too frequently.