Editing MS office files without making a copy on the device?


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Editing MS office files without making a copy on the device

I'm using an iPad pro in my office at work, I'm connected to VPN and working with files that are stored on the companies server.
I tried a verity of file explorers, I did manage to connect to the server and watch my files.
If I want to edit them, the only option I find is to download them into the device (using the file explorer), exporting them to MS Word (or any other MS app), and then edit them. The problem is now I need to copy them back to the server but it's not possible.
MS Word completely blocks the option of taking out the file from the app (I can upload it to OneDrive or DropBox etc.).
Apple Pages does let me copy the new file back to the file explorer and then I need to move it to the server.

Is there any other option? Is there a good file explorer that I can edit MS Office documents in? Or I can open files in MS Office apps without copying them onto the device?

I know it's possible on android tablets.

Thanks for the help!!!


Nov 17, 2015
Re: Editing MS office files without making a copy on the device

hmmm, I use Goodreader for this, but it doesn't edit the docs. But I can open them from Goodreader into office/pages, edit, save back to Goodreader, and upload them back to file share... I can also sync a folder (although I never do).

Oh and MS Office for Android works the same way- only OneDrive and Sharepoint directly from the app. Other office products are the same on tablets (android or iOS) able to do cloud sync and access, but network shares you need an in between app for that.

And- not to get picky... But you always copy file over, even on a computer. Just on a computer its hidden from you in memory and you save it to the same place. But the file is copied over so you edit it on your device.

Hope this helps.

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