Anyone heard of US Mobile?


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Dec 7, 2016
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Was watching a video on YouTube about the best unlimited plans for each carrier. When talking about Verizon, they mentioned the Verizon branded plans, as well as the MVNO carriers, where they mentioned US Mobile.

I Googled them, and went to their website. Unlimited talk and text with 50 GB data a month starts at $40 a month, and tops at $50 a month. Still 50 GB of data, but you pay for faster speed. They also have tablet and watch plans, but they appear to be more expensive compared to Verizon. With my phone plan currently, I get tablet access for $10 a month for 15 GB at 4G. They also have access to streaming services, and it looks like you have your choice.

If anyone has tried them, what are your thoughts?


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Jan 8, 2012
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Yes, I’ve heard of the company, and I believe they are big with pre-paid phones plans. I’ve never done business with them though.