1. jibraihimi's Avatar
    Hello friends,
    I am new user of this forum and I need little guidance and help regarding using a jailbroken Iphone.
    I am using iphone2g with firmware 3.1.3, I got my iPhone unlocked by one vendor and I can use every carrier's sim in my iPhone.. I don't knew whether my iPhone is jailbroken or not but I assume that it's jailbroken as I can see cydia icon on my second home screen, but I couldn't see installer icon on home screen so I am in doubt whether my phone is jailbroken or not.
    The problem I m facing is tat first time when I got my iPhone jailbroken I saw cydia icon on my homescreen so I clicked on it since I had cellular data pack activated cydia instantly connected to net, after I exited cydia I saw tat default apps.or icons on my homescreen began to disappear one by one, thinkin my phone is again gettin locked, I got it unlocked again....now all the default icons are back but I am not using cydia out of fear tat again my phone will get locked.
    So can any body tell me why I faced that problem, and help to bypass this problem so tat I can use cydia to install third party applications on my iPhone....plzzz help me soon, I wll be greatly thankfull to you guys for helping me......
    P.S. one more thng can I install applications from apple's app store on my jailbroken iPhone.......??????
    06-23-2010 06:07 PM
  2. jibraihimi's Avatar
    Hey friends I posted my query more than ten days back but still I hav not got reply to my problem.....is there no one who can help me solve my problem so tat I can use cydia widout ny problem.....
    Frnds ur help will be highly appreciated....:o
    07-01-2010 05:24 PM