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    Hi all.
    Just bought the iPhone 3G. Put in Turbo sim as i am a Vodsfone UK user and can use phone as normal.

    I cannot use iTunes because of the Turbo Sim. That i do know.
    I am unable to get any internet.
    I have looked in network and selected APN = internet - User = user - password = user.

    All that worked on my 2G iphone but not on my new 3G iPhone.

    I decided to jailbreak it which was done sucessfully. But still no internet.

    Only way i can get internet is through my wifi.
    Anyone any ideas please?
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    10-31-2008 05:49 AM
  2. Stuartino's Avatar
    You will need to set the data network manually.
    Put the iphone in flight mode.
    in Settings, General, Network, Cellular Data Network, in the Advanced section you will need to enter the Vodaphone data details. They are easy to find on Google.
    I found that there were different passwords for TMobile, not sure about , Vodaphone.
    Once you have changed the details take it out of flight mode. Then wait. I made the mistake of repeatedly taking the SIM out and rebooting the phone, when all I needed to do was wait.
    Of course you will need to have a data plan for your contract!
    I have a Rebel SIM, but I think they are the same.
    10-31-2008 08:12 AM
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    Hi and thanks. Yes its working now. just hope the 3g works.
    Only problem i have now is that to update/sync data between my iPhone 3g and PC Data, i have to insert an O2 sim card. Once synced then i have to put my Vodafone sim in.

    Is this the same as you?
    Thanks again
    11-02-2008 11:23 AM
  4. jaojr's Avatar
    Turn your phone on airplane mode and then connect to itunes and it will synchronize this way you dont have to change simcards
    11-14-2008 02:07 PM