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    I'm not really sure where the problem is on this one:

    I have an MS Word doc (.doc, not ,docx) that I edit both on my Windows desktop in Word and on my iPad in QuickOffice, and I use DropBox to copy it back and forth. Yesterday, I was working on the doc in QuickOffice from an iPad-local file, saved my changes and then copied the file to DropBox via QuickOffice's built-in integration. I have it plenty of time to copy the file and then exited QuickOffice and put the iPad to sleep, same as always.

    Later last night, I went to open the copy in QuickOffice and the document won't open, just a generic "cannot open" error. I figured that maybe the local copy got corrupted, so I went into the DropBox app to check, and on loading the file it is showing me only up to the previous version of the file. Switch back to QuickOffice and try to open the remote file, and I get the same error as trying to open the local file.

    Back to the DropBox app, and I open the file no problem, but it's missing my last changes, and I send it to Documents To Go, and... it shows my most recent changes. I have not yet had the opportunity to open it up on my desktop.

    So figuring that I should now setup Docs2Go to access DropBox directly, I am unable to complete setting up the account in Docs2Go, tapping the "accept" button to authorize the linkup does nothing.
    06-18-2012 10:03 AM
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    Never mind the Docs2Go sub-issue, the version I have installed does not support cloud storage despite having the options showing. (Bad form, DataViz!)

    Trying to open the file from Word on my Windows desktop, I get a useful error: Incompatible xml item in file, with a line/character location. Which, naturally, I cannot view... I've already deleted the corrupt file and replaced it with the previous version from my desktop. I'll have to recreate from the notes I can see in Docs2Go.

    And, I was mistaken about the format, it is a docx file.

    Which leaves the question open: Where did the corruption happen? Was it QuickOffice, since the corruption was in both the iPad-local and cloud copies? Or did copying it t DropBox cause the corruption?
    06-18-2012 09:19 PM