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    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but it seemed the most appropriate place.

    Anyway, hey everyone. I am about to start an A-Level EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) with my school. The EPQ allows me to collect extra UCAS Points which help with Uni Entries. The EPQ can be on anything but is recommended that we do something relevant to the Uni course we want to do and what interests us.

    Wanting to do a Computer Science Degree and love developing for the iPhone. I thought I would mix the 2 and build an iPhone App. But instead of just developing and throwing it out there like I normally do I am going to follow the Systems Lifecycle. In this case it involves Market Research, Designing, Building, Getting Beta Testers, Evaluating and include Marketing which will be used in my Evaluation.

    Anyway, after that long and boring explanation, I am starting my market research and the best places to go are the General iPhone Users rather than some which are tailored towards a certain aspect of the iPhone or App Store.

    Thus I ask if users of this forum could fill out a questionnaire. There will be more to come, but they will be tailored based on previous results. As I get closer to an idea of what I will be producing I will also be looking for beta testers from those that have filled out the survey.

    Thanks for reading now please fill out this questionnaire.


    06-28-2010 07:10 AM