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    I would like to take this opportunity to announcement the release of a new time tracking application for iPhone.

    Fossil is an intuitive time tracking application designed keeping freelancers and consultants in mind. It helps ensure that any billable hour doesn't go unaccounted.

    Simple and Elegant Design:
    - Well polished and elegant user interface.
    - Multiple themes available.

    Track Time:
    - Track multiple Clients, Projects and Tasks
    - Tag entries for easy identification
    - Real-time tracking for tasks using Single or Multiple Timers
    - Entry time manually by filling Start Time, End Time or just the duration

    Track Expenses:
    - Track expenses in a couple of clicks
    - Define Expense Categories for common expenses

    Data Filter:
    - Flag data as Favorite and Active and Archived
    - Archive old data for clutter free views, for better organization and for readability
    - Filter and view data based on date range: day, week, month, year
    - Calendar to quickly and easily glance through volumes of data

    - Filter reports based on date range: day, week, month, year
    - Filter reports based on Client, Projects, Tasks, Tags
    - Export the data in CSV format

    - Multiple currencies supported, localization support for dates and numbers
    - Multiple language support coming soon

    In-built Help:
    - Context help available at every screen
    - Detailed FAQs and a Getting Started guide inbuilt into the app

    Lite Version:
    - Free version of Fossil (Fossil-Icebreaker) coming soon to the app store

    Few Screenshots:

    Fossil Timer:


    Expense Reports:

    Detailed Client View:

    Overlay View for Duration Tab:

    We welcome feedback and suggestions.

    09-19-2009 04:51 AM