1. sticbow's Avatar
    Hi.. I'm a long time reader of the forums but first time poster..

    Today, as with everyday when I woke up I grabbed my phone to check the mail. And to my surprise it said cannot connect to mail so I opened the settings as it prompted and it said re-submit password so I did. However it did not take.

    So my next thought was delete the account and start a set it up from scratch.. Since I had two email accounts on the phone I decided I would do both. ( one yahoo the problem account and one gmail seemed to work fine prior to deleting)

    Well when I clicked on the yahoo tab it flashed a blank screen then when back to the mail options screen which has yahoo gmail hotmail etc.. It doesn't even give me a chance to type anything in.

    My iPad is working just fine.. It is only my iPhone having this issue..

    Please help... I'm frustrated at this point ....
    10-01-2015 07:32 AM
  2. Devilsden's Avatar
    I am sure you tried this but I had a similar problem with my outlook account, I just shut the phone down all the way and then turned it back on and everything came back and worked properly. If that does not work try doing a hard restart, that will sometimes clear whatever is causing the issue.
    10-01-2015 07:37 AM
  3. sticbow's Avatar
    I tried turning the phone off then back on again.. Didn't work.. I just tried your suggestion of hard restart.. Still no go. Same problem...
    10-01-2015 07:49 AM
  4. sticbow's Avatar
    Also I just noticed that when I click on the other options (exchange, aol, outlook) they open to the page to enter your information.. However gmail and yahoo will not (the ones that I need)
    10-01-2015 07:52 AM
  5. sticbow's Avatar
    So.. With some more messing around, I found that if I turn wifi on.. I can set up both mail accounts and get mail.. But if I turn it off mail does not work..

    Now please keep in mind my above post that I can open setup pages for other emails when on cellular. (Problem being I do not have outlook, aol, exchange.. Etc..) yahoo and gmail will not work on cellular..
    10-01-2015 08:01 AM

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