1. Quis89's Avatar
    Is it just me or does this not work at all?

    I go through iTunes to edit the titles of music I've placed on my iPhone from my computer. I will edit the song album names and add artwork. I just like my music collection on my iPhone to be neat and have album artwork for the music I dont purchase through iTunes.

    But NONE of the changes I make on iTunes while my phone is plugged in go through to my iPhone. I right click the songs on my phone, go to Get Info, and edit the fields and add artwork to the artwork option. But none of these changes are reflected on my iPhone. The music is still artworkless...and some songs that should be in the same album are in their own despite the fact I highlighted all the correspoonding songs and designated them to the same album.

    Its really frustrating. On my Android phone I could do all of this from the device and it made it so much easier. What am I missing?

    In addition to that...some of the music I purchased THROUGH iTunes doesnt even have album art!
    05-17-2012 01:55 PM