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  1. joel's Avatar
    never mind figured that out.


    ....could not be updated because the firmware is not compatible

    what do i do now
    06-20-2009 02:45 PM
  2. MikeDVB's Avatar
    I don't want to lose visual voice mail and/or risk any extra charges or issues down the road. If I want to send an MMS I just pull out my HTC
    06-20-2009 04:27 PM
  3. jhamilton3's Avatar
    I'm dying for MMS .. Lots of pics I would like to send through text rather than e-mail.
    06-20-2009 04:58 PM
  4. infenit101's Avatar
    I'm dying for MMS .. Lots of pics I would like to send through text rather than e-mail.
    follow my guide.
    06-20-2009 05:46 PM
  5. joel's Avatar
    link please
    06-20-2009 05:46 PM
  6. infenit101's Avatar
    link please
    front page of iphone forums
    06-20-2009 05:57 PM
  7. joel's Avatar
    oh .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
    06-20-2009 05:59 PM
  8. michael95gt#AC's Avatar
    MMS working since last Saturday. I have the regular unlimited messaging plan. You don't have to call AT&T if you have an extra AT&T phone.
    06-26-2009 09:26 PM
  9. robbiebisme's Avatar
    this hack works for the iphone 3gs also incase anyone wasnt to sure my 3gs i enabled the other day the only thing i had to do diffrently with the 3gs i didnt have to do with the 3g was put in MMSC: MMS Proxy:
    info i didnt need to put it all in. and then after i did this and the mms was working my visual voicemail stopped working so i rest my voicemail and deleted the MMSC: MMS Proxy: info and then set up the voice mail and then got that working put the info back in and now they both work fine. i have had this working since the first beta that allowed mms when i had the 3g still i found that the only way i could get the mms to work and stay working was after i put the sim in a new phone i had to go into the media net site and register my number with them and then put the sim in the iphone and then i had no issues. so hopefully this helps some of you out there and also dont forget to put in the updated carrier file people without that none of this matters. u need to install the itunes beta it was the last itunes to allow carrier file updates. u need to go into the itunes folder and copy ur itunes library file save it somewhere else delete itunes completly install the beta itunes and the carrier update and then plug ur phone into itunes add the carrier file by hitting shift and then clicking on the update button change the file type to the .ipcc type and then add it it should load real quick. then install the new itunes from apple put ur old itunes library file back into the itunes folder so ur info will still be in itunes from before and then follow the other steps with adjusting ur account and ur phone.
    06-26-2009 11:53 PM
  10. michael95gt#AC's Avatar
    There is also a hack for the latest official release of iTunes that allows you to upload the carrier file. It's very simple to do, and saves the trouble of having to do all the installing/uninstalling the different iTunes versions. I'll post a link in a few. Here is the link: Enable MMS on iPhone 3.0 with AT&T | Tutorial Ninjas
    Last edited by Michael95GT; 06-27-2009 at 08:08 AM.
    06-27-2009 07:47 AM
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