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  • Thanks for clearing that up. Can you take the time to explain to me why I got as far as loading the greyed out Absinthe icon and then locked up? It says "Green Pois0n loading information" on my iPhone 4s, but stays that way for over 15 minutes. I really would like to break this thing. Also, will a regualr synch blow out the jailbreak?

    Thanks for any further input

    Hey there I was wondering if you still had that SMS theme i saw you came up with awhile back. It just changed the color of the bubbles and the background. I had it on my phone and loved it but just recently had to restore and lost all my jailbreak apps, etc. Anyways i just wanted to see if i could copy those off of you again lol

    Much appreciated
    Yeah we did, got em on launch day. :) the prox sensor was driving me nuts but i did a network reset and a reset all settings and it fixed it. it seems to fix signal issues for some people too. fixed ours. TiPb is better for iNews than HoFo, and you don't get flamed for liking apple products for once :) (I can't get used to HoFo's new layout, i don't like it at all)
    Hey, Ally...

    Did you and Kimmy get your iP4's? I'm loving mine...except for the too-low vibration glitch that I am constantly *****ing about.

    I guess I'll start hanging out over here instead of HoFo.

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