1. Lostone's Avatar
    I have an Iphone 2g. I just recently jailbroke, and unlocked it. I took it to work to us it as an ipod. When I took the ear buds out It wouldn't play any sounds. When I tried to play the ipod out loud no sound. If I get on Youtube no sound, and same for my apps no sound. I tried rebooting, turning it off and then back on. My mute button is turned off. Whedn the phone rings I can hear it. But I have to turn the speaker phone on in order to talk to who ever is calling. Need help!!
    02-11-2009 11:47 AM
  2. dooks88's Avatar
    Insert and remove the headphone jack until the sound comes back. Certain early iPhones had this hardware bug.
    02-11-2009 04:55 PM