1. supermum's Avatar
    When I delete an email after I am done reading it, the iPhone's email app automatically opens the next email. This is problematic for two reasons. First, sometimes I do not want to open the mail as I know it will take a long time to answer and I want to do it later in the day. However, if it is not bold when I check my email from my desktop later, I find I often forget about it (oops!) Second, many times it is SPAM and, as I am sure you are aware, when you open SPAM.. more SPAM comes. In the last couple days the SPAM that has gotten through the SPAM folder has at least quadrupled. I attribute this to the auto opening of the next email.

    Is there a setting to turn this off?
    07-25-2008 10:37 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Bugs me too. No way to change it though. At least not yet.
    07-25-2008 10:55 PM
  3. supermum's Avatar
    Another thing to email to Apple. They are going to hate me.

    Seriously though... I love the phone.. bugs and all I just want it to be the best phone it can be.
    07-25-2008 11:23 PM