1. bustermin's Avatar
    My son has an iPhone 3GS and he told me tonight that for a while it has been randomly vibrating. When it happens there is an icon on the screen like you are adjusting the volume up or down. Nothing seems to make it happen it just does it randomly. It will be short vibrations lasting less that a second but there are several of them and it just comes and goes. I just did a restore and it did not seem to help. Is it safe to assume this is a hardware issue?
    04-17-2013 09:26 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    I have seen it with water damage .. Could be a button going out 3GS repairs are pretty simple if you want to attempt or find a local shop

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    04-18-2013 02:17 AM
  3. Alik Malix's Avatar
    I think it's the physical button itself that's loosened.

    Try pushing the silent/vibrate switch harder to one side, mine got loose recently so it does randomly vibrate when it slightly moves. I usually "shove" it into desired setting (sound ON or Vibrate) instead of just switch it like you used to.

    Also there are many little shops in my town (try Craigslist) that would repair that cheap. They got a plethora of parts for these now.

    Good Luck
    10-04-2013 09:33 AM

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