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    ok, here goes.

    got a 2g iphone w/cracked screen home/power/vol still works. tried quickpwn'ing it . I think i erased the firmware or something.

    now it has 2 screens, itunes+ usb cable "slide for emergency" screen and "emergency call" screen.

    when i plug it into itunes it reads " the SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported." It was "unlocked" and jailbroken. i was using it as an ipod touch basically. Now i would like to use it as a phone or ipod whatever works.

    i have tried restoring it, but it just goes back to the same screen. My only conclusion is it may be missing firmware ? maybe i accidentally erased it somewhere along the way. I also tried using quickpwn to just put in the firmware there, but it didn't work and didn't recognize any firmware that was available.

    any help or suggestions would be awesome! if i could afford to pay i would but i don't have any cash for that. so please any help would be awesome. the phone is screwed right now. so it's worth trying anything.

    *also! i only have sim cards for t-mobile (usa) and some foreign carrier.
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    it sounds like you need to unlock it again.
    01-26-2010 11:42 AM