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    I have a webapp that was working perfectly under iPhone OS 2.0 and 2.1, but is broken under 30.

    I have buttons that increment or decrement a numeric field as long as the user holds their finger on the button, and stop when user lifts their finger. I attach listeners for touchstart and touchend to achieve this.

    Under 3.0, the touchend never gets activated. If the user hold their finger on the button, a magnifying glass pops up, and after that, even if the user lifts their finger, no touchend event occurs.

    Looking at the events in Dashcode, after the expected mouseup and touchstart events, my repeating event starts, and then there is a mouseup, touchcancel, touchcomplete sequence that occurs automatically, without user input, followed by the magnifying glass popping up. There are no events after that, even if the user lifts their finger!

    How can I prevent this automatic firing of mouseup, touchcancel and touchcomplete?

    08-26-2009 01:34 AM