[REVIEW] Ringke Fusion-X for the iPhone XS Max

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Mar 28, 2017
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Ringke is one of the long tenured manufacturers that I’ve been reviewing cases for, for quite a while, and it didn’t surprise me in the least when I found out that they made many of their classic lineup of cases for the Apple iPhone XS Max. Ringke makes quality cases for a wide variety of devices, ranging from protective, stylish, and even minimalistic. On top of all of that, one of their greatest features is the minimal impact on your wallet. Today, I’m here to talk about the Ringke Fusion-X case.


The Look: When I first opened up the Ringke Fusion-X case for my Apple iPhone XS Max, I thought that it was a sharp looking case – especially in the brand new Ruby Red color. The rubberized bumpers blend seamlessly with the clear plastic back, creating a synergistic product with protectivey wholesome goodness, combined with a sleek design. The Fusion-X case has three different colors to choose from, which allows you to mix things up a little bit with the base color of your phone. One of the cool features about the different colors is that the bumpers are the only part of the phone that have color, which means that the backside of the case is clear, so that you can see the cool looking color underneath, as well as the iconic Apple logo. Another nice feature that Ringke incorporated is their Anti-Cling Dot Matrix technology, which keeps the hard-plastic backing looking clear and doesn’t suffer from the “rainbow effect” when it catches the sunlight – well done, Ringke! This Anti-Cling technology also keeps the phone from sticking to the back of the case, which is something else that helps set this case apart from the competition. The available colors are: Black, Navy, and Ruby Red – the new Ruby Red color is gorgeous!


The Feel: The Ringke Fusion-X has a solid feel to it. The back of the case is solid plastic and has a nice, smooth feel to it that isn’t overly slippery. The reinforced molding around the edges feels sturdy and doesn’t give or slip under pressure. The button feedback is phenomenal. I don’t know what Ringke did with the key cutouts on this guy, but they are bouncy, and responsive to a minimal amount of touch. They also have a nice clicky feeling to them. I am going on a bit about the buttons, but even after using this case for a few days, the buttons still have a feel-good sort of feeling whenever you press the buttons; I like it. The rubberized material that forms the bumper housing also has an extra grippy texture to it that allows you to have a solid hold on the device when you’re carrying it around or pulling it out of your pocket.


Security: The case has a reinforced bumper system that adds extra protection and durability to the design, and a solid plastic back that helps tie it all together. Ringke managed to garner the MIL-STD rating for this case, which is a great seal of approval for its added protection. The reinforced backing and corners are specially designed to improve shock absorption, which will help to keep your device safe in the event of drops. The MIL-STD rating doesn’t have a certain amount of feet associated with the drop protection, but this case is built well and should protect you from any normal drops that you may encounter in your day-to-day activities, especially if you pair it with a glass screen protector. Another nice feature about this case is the slim form factor, especially considering it’s a protective style case. Many protective style cases are overly bulky and ruin the streamlined physiques of the phone; well not this case. The Ringke Fusion-X does an excellent job of protecting your phone, but the form factor of the case isn’t overly bulky, and it feels secure, yet unobtrusive in your hand. And of course, the bezel on the front of the case protrudes slightly so that you have added protection when placing your phone face-down on flat surfaces; the camera cutout is recessed for added protection as well!


Conclusion: The Ringke Fusion-X is a great addition to any phone collection, and it is equally good as a daily driver. The level of protection that you get, blended with the seamless design and added protection of a traditional 2-piece system, is well worth the $11.99 – 13.99 price tag (the Black color is $11.99, and Ruby Red and Navy are both $13.99). Another nice feature is the transparent plastic back, which allows you to view the back of the phone. In addition to leaving the back clear and open, you can put your favorite stickers or picture in there for added decoration and personalization.

- Inexpensive and well made!
- The reinforced body style and added protection on the bumpers offer great protection
- The clear-plastic back is stylish, and customizable with pictures/stickers
- The case feels sleek and sturdy, especially for a protective style case

- The drop protection rating doesn’t say how many feet you can drop it
- It’s not fully enclosed, so you will need a screen protector for 100% protection
- There really aren’t any con’s, especially since it’s so inexpensive!

If you’re interested in picking up a Ringke Fusion-X case for your iPhone XS Max, you can find them over at Amazon for the low price of $12.99, and they also qualify for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping - https://www.amazon.com/Ringke-Fusio...ag=hawk-future-20&ascsubtag=UUimUvbUpU3105437 As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them down in the comments section.

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