1. Morganas's Avatar
    I currently have an iphone 4 and am grandfathered into the unlimited data. With verizon forcing us to the tiered plan, unless i pay full price for the next iphone, I had a question.
    If I buy a 4g phone now, full price of course, and NOT activate it, will my line still have the unlimited 4g data when I upgrade to the next iphone? Or will I have to activate that 4g phone in order to kick in the 4g plan? I have a niece and a couple nephews that are a bit accident prone with their phones and know that if I have an extra phone they could use, that the 4g phone I buy now, would not go to waste. Plus, I'd rather pay 3 or 400 bucks for an android phone now outright, than the 600 bucks a new iphone will cost off contract.
    06-13-2012 08:32 PM
  2. llewsarb's Avatar
    From what I understand Verizon data plans make no distinction between 3g and 4g data plans. They are just data plans. The new share everything plans are doing away with that so in order to keep unlimited data you will have to pay full retail for phones in the future.

    So purchasing a 4g phone now will not lock you into unlimited 4g data (as there is no such distinction), which I believe was your question.
    06-15-2012 10:22 AM