1. iMore Question's Avatar
    I have all my music on a Windows laptop under iTunes, but have also uploaded it to iCloud. Now when I want to play music on my iDevices I need an Internet connection to play music on my iPad. I travel a lot, often without Internet or Wi-Fi availability. Is there anyway I can set up the iPad to load the music from my laptop. I have spare capacity on the iPad. Can I select what I want to load or does it have to be everything? Thanks.
    07-28-2014 07:18 AM
  2. zerog46's Avatar
    Yes just turn on iTunes Match on your iPad and you can download whatever music you want or you could also sync it with your PC and do it that way. But the whole point of match is to be able to wirelessly download what you want.
    07-28-2014 07:50 AM

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