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    Hi there,

    Does anybody know how to remove the jaibreak from my phone? I've tried to restore it through ITunes but keep having the same error message "please check your network settings or make sure your phone is connected to a network".

    11-18-2013 07:26 AM
  2. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! To remove the jailbreak you will need to connect your iPhone to iTunes while your iPhone is in DFU mode. To enter DFU mode turn the iPhone off, then hold down both the power & home button (while connected to iTunes), at 10 seconds you will release the home button while still holding the power button. iTunes will then notify you that you have a iPhone connected in DFU mode and offer to restore. Viola! your jailbreak is now removed.
    11-18-2013 10:31 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Try and reset your network settings manually through your phone first and then try again. Actually after that or even before you can go as previously suggested - go into DFU mode and remove it that way.
    11-18-2013 02:53 PM

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