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    Hi you guys!

    I'm the proud owner of an iPhone 3G in white. To protect my precious, I've bought a Griffin NuForm, also in white.
    The screen protector was very bad, because it tended to stick to the screen, showing newton rings and thus making the screen very bad to read (although the protection was rather good, the protector was made of some .5 mm plastic foil).

    I emailed to the Griffin support, and they offered to send me two adhesive-type scratch protection films for free! Very nice move, Griffin Support!

    Anyway, the lower part of the NuForm is removable. I think Griffin calls this "Easy Dock" or so. Anyway, this removable part is covered with some rubber-like stuff, not only making it a dirt-magnet, but also looking c**ppy and somewhat cheap after just a few months. The corners look greasy while the rest looks dirty...
    Have you any experiences with the white NuForm and maybe encountered the same issues?!

    I've ordered a Griffin Wave now. I like the semi-transparent style and as I already have a scratch protection to my screen I don't care about the one that ships with the Wave.
    I still have some concerns about how tight it will fit and how strong the connection between the upper and lower part of the case will be... any one of you any experience regarding the Wave? I mean, for instance, did the upper and lower part come apart in your pocket or so?!

    10-27-2008 08:12 AM