I'm trying to find the game i loved when i was a kid


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in the game, you a guy wearing knight like armor and a backpack or something like that, your mission is to defend yourself from someone or something trying to kill you by sending waves of enemy at you, the game is very gorey, quite hard, a 2D game, you will be in a war like area with the forest infront of you, you will be siting in a trench with 3 slots you can move in with W and S or the up and down arrow keys, when you shoot at the enemies, you ammo bar will go down, and the lower it gets, the lower your fire rate will go, you can stop firing by letting go of your right click, when you are not firing, some enemies will not able to attack (and some can which you can scroll down to see) and your ammo bar will fill up

after each wave, you can upgrade your gun and as the wave goes on, you'll unlock new upgrades like your armor or the thing behind your back (idk what it is called)

you can throw bombs at the enemies to blow them up in to meat pieces and you can get a rocket launcher by shooting a crate in the area but in turn a alot of enemy will rush you all at ones

there are different enemies and bosses

first : normal soldiers - they have medium hp (if am corrected) and they deal abit of dmg with their gun and they shoot 6 per 7 times per attack and is the most common (i forgot their color and can't attack if your not shooting)

second : Axe Soldiers - axe solider are later in the waves (i think like wave 3 or 4) they have normal hp (idk if it's right or wrong) and they throw axes at you (you can use W an S key to dodge) and they have a greyish white color
(can attack if your not shooting)

third : kamikaze troops - this troops is a very fast runner and when he gets close to you, he'll blow you up (idk if it's instant kill) but he will be screaming and with a tiny hp he'll most likely not kill you (can attack if your not shooting)

fourth : flamethrower - flamethrower troops can use your flamethrower on one of the 3 slots of your trench (they appear very late into the game) (can attack if your not shooting)

and the only boss i remember is the axe thrower boss and i only remember one move from the rush boss near the final wave or the final wave
the axe thrower boss will walk or jump back and he will walk up and down forwards while throwing a line of axes at you which you have to dodge

that is all i remember right now


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Jan 8, 2012
If you played the game on an iPhone "when you were a kid" then go to the App Store on your current iPhone, go to the Purchased section therein and you should see the name of the app/game listed among all the app you've installed over the years. That would be your best bet.

Asking complete strangers to help you remember a game "you played" as a kid is like fishing with a pole minus the line, hook and bait.... :)


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Apr 10, 2022
hello, i was the creator of this post or question, i do not know if the game is on Iphone cause i remember playing it on my grandma's pc on facebook, i am still trying to look for like, i do not remember the any letters of the game's title so, ill add abit more info here

the game is a diagonal down game, it is 2D but no 3D models and you can't move forward or back forwards, one down and up, at the boss rush wave, your screen will turn red and very intense music will start to play as the previous boss you defeated will fight again but this time they will be more harder and i remember'd there was a rocket launcher troop aswell, the troop will use his rocket launcher to shoot at you, there will be a red circle on the one of the trench slots

sorry if people didn't understand what i was typing, i wrote the post like at 2:30 am


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Jan 8, 2012
Since you recall playing the game on a PC, please head over to our sister site the Windows Central Forums for assistance. More than likely someone over there may be able to assist you. The iMore forums cater primarily to Apple products and service. Thanks.


Mar 2, 2016
I read your description of the game, and I remember it. It was my favorite game back there, but as far as I know, it was deleted several years ago.

In order to help the OP, do you by any chance remember the name of the game?

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