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    Default iPhone 6s battery drain during standby - Samsung chip

    Hello guys

    So I was an Android user for so long, I can't deny that I didn't like Apple and its products.. But lately I sold my OnePlus 2 because it had so many bugs and unnecessary battery drain even when not using the phone, and went for an iPhone 6s.

    First thing I noticed is that battery life isn't that great as promoted (for me anyway).. It's not all bad, but what I noticed is that it drains a lot on standby even when I'm not using the phone, for example, it would drain like 20% when I'm sleeping, I have everything turned off from location services to the background app refresh, spotlight search.. etc (yeah you can guess, I already followed every tip to save battery out there and disabled all those unnecessary stuff). One night, I tried to turn on low power mode, and airplane mode, turned off wifi, and when I woke up, it still drained 7%!!

    I read somewhere that there are two kinds of chips for the 6s? It says that the one manufactured by Samsung gives less battery life than the one manufactured by TSMC, and I have the one from Samsung, can this be the one causing this issue? Also, Facebook and Messenger have a lot of background activity going on even with all those settings turned off for them, what can I do to fix this as I'm a heavy Facebook user.
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    Default Re: iPhone 6s battery drain during standby - Samsung chip

    That sort of standby usage is not what I have seen since I've switched. My last phone (a Droid Maxx, with a 3500 mAh battery, so definitely a large battery) would bleed 3% an hour if I kept it in complete standby, and that's going back to the beginning. Android is just worse than iOS when it comes to standby. Since I've had the 6s (in early October) I've seen minimal standby (at most 1% an hour) if the display remains off. (I also have the Samsung A9.) I have not changed how much I use the phone at all.

    I have background activity turned off for Facebook as well. I read one theory that Facebook's background activity has a lot to do with playing media, so I turned off autoplay of video in the app. Open the app, tap "more" on the bottom, settings, account settings, videos and photos, and turn autoplay to "never autoplay videos". It'll be interesting to see if that helps with Facebook use.Facebook still shows background activity (right now it's 16 minutes on screen, 29 minutes background, with the app using 8% of my battery - the Google app is 12 minutes onscreen and no background activity and it's 12% of battery, so I'd say Facebook is fine on my phone by comparison.)

    I look at the Facebook app several times a day but I have notifications turned off for the app, because I couldn't give a flying fig about most of them and can just deal with them when I chose to open the app. Maybe that's why my Facebook usage is low?
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    Default Re: iPhone 6s battery drain during standby - Samsung chip

    Do you still have the iphone with the samsung chip? in march i can upgrade and i'm trying to decide what to do. other than the battery drain issue, are you having any other problems? i would like to know what you think of this phone
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    Default Re: iPhone 6s battery drain during standby - Samsung chip

    I have the Samsung chip and haven't seen this problem.
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    Default Re: iPhone 6s battery drain during standby - Samsung chip

    I have the iPhone 6S with Samsung chip and my battery on standby is amazing good. I can go for seemingly all day at 100%.

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