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Wifi dropping out

Cogiter Ekloo

Active member
Sep 25, 2014
I have a 2014 MacBook Air that I absolutely love, however there is one nagging problem that keeps reoccurring. Basically my WIFI connection drops for no reason and it seems to happen when I'm using my battery operated Wifi hot spot that I got from Wind Mobile. I don't think it's the Wifi radio in the MacBook because when the connection drops I can still see other wifi networks that are in a given area. The only network that doesn't show up in the list is my network and to get it working again I have to turn the Wifi radio on and off several times before it picks up my network. When it drops out I usually check my iPhone 6plus and my iPad mini to see if they are connecting and in each case they are connecting and receiving data with no problems. However when I'm at home and using my home Wifi the connection is solid and rarely drops. I have two questions. Has anyone experienced this on their MacBook Air? Secondly is there any known issue involving Macs and mobile Wifi hotspots that would cause these drop outs?


Aug 12, 2010
Don't know about mobile hotspots and wifi. But assuming you are on Yosemite, there are scattered reports of wifi drops. I had that problem as well for quite a while where my wifi would randomly drop even though I was on my home wifi. For me at least, the problem was fixed a couple of Yosemite betas ago. Hopefully Apple will release it to the general public soon.