Why is my data being eaten up?


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my data is being eaten up

I have an iPhone 4s, not any kind of LTE connection. Using iOS6.

Last month I managed to go over my data after 2 or 3 weeks, which rarely happens, since I have TWO GIGS. I had no idea why. I reset my data stats this week in case it happens again, and I noticed after a mere 8 days I had used up 1.4 GBs. WTF!!

When I goto Cell Data Usage I don?t see anything too big. Youtube is the biggest at 26 MB. Almost everything else is under 5 MB. But then I saw a section for System Services (a separate dropdown) and under that Documents & Sync is taking up a whopping 660 MB!! Can anyone tell me wtf this is and how to stop it from eating up my entire monthly data? I have my backup assigned to only when on wifi so that shouldn?t be the issue.

I'd be grateful for any help!


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Jun 27, 2014
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Re: my data is being eaten up

I think this is a problem that has been affecting a lot of people, the system services are all the background running of your phone such as siri, software updates, notifications, maps etc.. all these things use data and it adds up. It is not the best solution but little things can help, goto settings/mobile data and turn off any apps that you don't need using mobile data, also turn off wifi assist, also goto settings/general/background app refresh, turn off that apps that don't need to be working in the background.
As I said this is not the ideal solution but by playing around with options you can claw back some of the data.