Why can’t I download fb

Abed d

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Mar 2, 2018
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1:I want to download Facebook app on my iPhone 7 , on normal 3g / 4g network it’s not downloading , tells me I need to connect to WiFi , my WiFi on iPhone is off ( not working )
2: went to istudio/ I serve
They did try many things , reset etc they say the opened the phone and there is signs that water came inside abit that’s why wifi suddenly stopped
They ripped me off and lied no water came in and my phone warranty stil on / it expires in April , I don’t know why I just got ripped of from this Iphone , I bought it expensive from apple shop and they charge you more than other shops because (warranty) and when you go to fix or repair they are rude to you and make you run around branches to waste ur time , I will contact apple call center and make a big problem about it .
Phone bought in Bangkok / less than a year , still under warranty , I serve branch : central world didn’t help me and was rude , and just said go buy a new phone , please if anyone thinks this is fair let me know


Oct 2, 2013
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There's a 150 mb limit on downloads from the App Store on Cellular. You'll need wifi.
Or you could use the Facebook client, Friendly. I use it a lot. Love the dark theme it offers. There's a paid version as well with ad blocker. It's only about 20 mb. The Facebook app is 295 mb.
Friendly for Facebook by Friendly App Studio

Looks like this with dark theme.



Mar 11, 2013
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Yeah if it’s a big update you can download on cellular but the app itself need WiFi. But you can use someone’s hotspot as well