Where do I find a screen protector iPhone 4?


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Jun 11, 2009
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I would suggest visiting SGPStore at SGPStore.com they do offer (3) excellent choices, one for Antiglare, Crystal Clear and Anti Oleophobic (no oily mess on your screen)

Maybe you can help me out here...I am royally confused on the difference between the 3 models of screen protectors.
I always used Power Support Anti Glare which did wash out the screen color, but had a matte finish and was VERY smooth to the touch with no tackiness at all. That is what I am looking for but don't want to wash out this new awesome display. I just bought and returned Clear-Coat because it was tacky and fingers dragged and skipped across it and I hated it.

None of the 3 SGP say they are matte finish but just crystal, fine and oil resistance....What is oil resistance for?

Too many freaking choices out there!!!!!