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I just got a new iPhone 6s Plus. When someone sends me a video using a Samsung, I cannot see it. It shows that it is a video but when I play it all it shows is a black video with out noise or picture. I can view regular pictures just fine

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Sep 9, 2016
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The main reason could be the CODEC (COde - DECode) used for the Samsung device to record and save the Video is not supported by your Apple device, there are a couple of options to watch it, one is simply getting a Video Player with a wider codec range list of formats to decode I used VLC and was pretty great, but if it doesn't work for you you can browse to find another one in iTunes.

Here the link for the VLC

The other way is a little bit more complicated, you would need to download the video to your computer and using a transcoder (A program) convert the video to a more compatible Format.

If you have a Windows PC maybe a free option could be the Super Converter SUPER © Free 3D Video Converter | MOV WebM MP4 MKV HEVC/H.265 VP9 | FREE Download
Which is free, of course if you can buy another one there a simply too many options to chose.

And the last option is using a service to share files which could transcode the file for you, maybe WhatsApp is able to do this, I mean the person with the Samsung device can sends you the file using WhatsApp instead of Bluetooth or any other service you were using.

Hopefully I did help you with this issue, I also want to invite you to register in the Forum so you can follow up your question and share with some nice people over here.

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