Verizon Adds New Get More Options as of February 5th.


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Dec 8, 2011
Came across this while browsing through Crackberry.

Verizon News:

Value comes in many different packages ? big and small, clean and simple. Starting Feb. 5, both new and existing Verizon Wireless customers on MORE Everything plans will have even more ways to save and experience more value.
Beginning Thursday, Verizon?s MORE Everything plans with data allowances of 1GB to 3GB (or from $40 to $60 per month) will include 1GB of additional data for the same price. A new $70 plan with 6GB will be available.
Additionally, for a limited time customers who choose MORE Everything plans of 6GB or higher can add smartphones on Verizon Edge for only $15 a month after a $25 access discount per line. With this new promotion, the monthly service plan for an account with two smartphones on Edge and 6GB of shared data is only $100. Edge discounts are $15 per line for MORE Everything plans with data allowances of 4GB and below.
Verizon is also adding new 12GB, 14GB, and 16GB options to its MORE Everything plans for customers with greater appetites for data and all that it enables, like streaming video or sharing large files.
?Just about a year ago, Verizon Wireless expanded what customers experience with a shared data plan when we introduced MORE Everything on the best 4G LTE network,? said Nancy Clark, chief marketing officer at Verizon Wireless. ?As the market leader, we are committed to delivering customers the solutions and value that make sense for their lifestyles.?
Verizon Edge allows customers to pay for their smartphone over 24 monthly installments and lets customer upgrade earlier and more often, without any upgrade or activation fees.
Additionally for a limited time, new customers who port-in their wireless number from another carrier and activate their new Verizon smartphone on Edge will receive an additional one-time $100 bill credit per qualified line.
The MORE Everything holiday promotions end on Feb. 4; and existing customers can change their plans at any time by visiting MyVerizon.

Lol had to highlight that part in red because it's only for a limited time... but if you're like me and have maybe 1 deviced on EDGE and others on just contract, that discount would apply.:yes:


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Mar 10, 2011
Not a bad offer but I still don't think I'll give up my unlimited data just yet

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