TiPb AT WORK: Week Four Vote: The TWIST!!

Which category should be the final App vs. App AT WORK review?

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  • Contact Sharing

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  • Note Enhancers

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  • Time/Expense Management

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  • VoIP Clients

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  • Voice Recorders

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  • SSH Clients

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  • Other (specify in reply)

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Rene Ritchie

Old Man Ritchie
Jan 12, 2007
It?s time for TiPb to get back to business, and that means a new contest with even more App Store apps, more TiPb reviews, and more ways for you ? our readers ? to win? AT WORK!

This week, and for the next few weeks, we?re going to review 2 business/productivity Apps head-to-head and app-vs-app. But here?s the twist: there are so many Apps, we can?t decide which ones to review. So the TiPb iPhone Forum will decide for us!

Not only this, for the mega-week-four-final-super-TWIST, the Forum is going to choose the category for App vs. App!

We're posting this poll containing the last productivity categories we can think of. Which one do you want us to use for the next review? Which one is the most important to you? Which one helps get the most stuff done!

Pick one, and that will be the final App vs. App AT WORK review!

Now get voting!

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