Time Machine back-up, only restores application, how do I open it to retrieve the contents?


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I have iWeb 3.0.3 with a large web site on it that I maintain each month - www.wworkshop.net - This has been running on a G5 Power PC Mac with 10.5.8. The G5 has just given up the ghost, luckily - I had hoped - I have been backing up regularly with ?The Time Machine? onto a ?My Passport for the Mac?. We also have in the family a G4 Power PC Mac PowerBook with 10.5.8 on it, together with an iMac running 10.6.8.
On attempting to reinstall iWeb from the back-up, first it is not recognized by the Time Machine on the G4, it is however on the iMac, and appears to be working, such that the new size of iWeb corresponds with the original - about 500MB as compared with about 30MB for the application with out the web site attached. My problem is, that when I open the back up copy of iWeb, the web site is not there, it only wants to start from scratch. I also have a second back up machine that also had an older copy of the web site on it, with in a copy of iWeb, that did down load onto the G4, but again, the size would indicate that it contains the web site, but it also only opens to start a new one.
Question.1: How do I get iWeb to cough up my web site, instead of trying to start a new one when I open it?

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