Sending my data to a new iMac using Time Machine


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Apr 13, 2015
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Just wondering, since I've never done this before... as I'm still on my very first iMac from 2014.
I'm planning to get a the new 27' iMac when it comes out later this year, and I'm hoping to make the switch as smooth as possible.

If I make a complete backup using Time Machine and load it onto my new iMac, will everything be carried over... incl. ALL the system preferences etc?
I'm NOT looking forward to do all the system preferences over again, since that's A LOT OF WORK.
(although a clean install DOES mean the new system is is free of any possible system-errors carried over from te old system)

• Not sure what to do really... start a clean install, or carry over ALL my current system preferences using Time Machine (if possible)??


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Oct 22, 2011
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Make a full time machine of
Your current max then use that to move your data over when you get your new iMac


Mar 10, 2012
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Ok, and will that be an exact 1 on 1 copy, with all the system preferences?
(and will potential system-errors also be carried over?)

I will put one caveat.

If you have an app that does not work on Rosetta 2 (e.g.: VMware Fusion, enterprise VPN applications), those specific apps will not work on a new iMac. That’s because Intel and Apple Silicon Macs are mostly incompatible.

The good news, it’s usually more specific applications, and most general ones will work fine (the app might need an update to unleash its full power).

As for preferences , all compatible ones should transfer. :)

Note: I don’t have an Apple Silicon Mac, so I can’t go more into specifics.