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Sep 11, 2012
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Genre: Puzzle

Initial Release: October 26th, 2012

Developer: Hooligans Entertainment

Price: Free

Download from the App Store:


Help two loving smiles in this entertaining and yet challenging physics based puzzle! Download Smile + Smile, relax your body, and stretch your imagination to get ready to have engaging and fun puzzle solving experience. Your quick wits can make a huge difference for this cute smiling couple!

The core of the gameplay in Smile + Smile consists of logic, physics, and, surprisingly, luck. The twisting way to success is to combine all these components. This task is complicated but yet feasible.

When a level starts, you can see everything you?ll have to deal with. There are objects to interact with, hearts to collect, and two loving smiles to get together. All these things are very important for understanding the game mechanics. That is quite simple, by the way. You just have to place various objects in a special way to let the main character reach its target by bouncing off them. Some objects are static, while others should be moved in a specific way. However, you should not forget that all objects hold unique physical properties.

Key Features:

Vibrantly colorful ingenious cartoon graphics!
Awesome music and sound effects!
Outstanding and challenging game mechanics!
Intuitive controls
Try and Buy model: 25 free levels and more than 60 to buy!
Facebook and Twitter integration!

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