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Jan 4, 2021
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Hello, all been a member for awhile. I tend to lurk and use the forums to answer questions from time to time, as I repair Iphones, and phones in general, in my spare time. At this moment use s20 ultra, but wanna new mi11

Alex took a deep breath as he, led by the caramel colored beauty who held his hand, stepped through the doors of the large dwelling. Inside was a large room, with several smaller rooms to either side. In the center of the room were three girls, completely different in every way. Two of them knelt on the floor, while the third was on a chair, her young ***** impaling itself upon the large **** of the man whose lap she was sitting on.

Alex was shocked as he watched the sight, although not so much by the sexual nature of the scene before him. He had quickly learned that the women of this strange village had an insatiable luat, as evidenced by the two blowjobs he had received since stumbling out of the jungle. One of them had been by a blonde girl who would have been, judging from her appearance, in the midst of her high school career had this been America; the other ******* had come from the girl who was now leading him toward the trio in the center of the room.

No, what surprised Alex was that this was the first man that he had seen since arriving. He had seen dozens of females, of varying ages and physical appearances; yet not one male, until now. As he and the girl leading him approached, he heard the man groan and the girl cry out. Seconds later, *** could be seen leaking from the soaking wet slit between her legs.

As the girl lifted herself off of the man's **** and staggered away from him, the two girls on the floor immediately began licking his **** clean. Alex was amazed at the joy on their faces, as if nothing made them happier than pleasing the man before them. Just at that moment, the man seemed to notice Alex standing there.

"You've brought him", the man said, standing and gently pushing the two girls away, which obviously displeased them. "As you commanded", the girl said, giving the man a soft kiss as he approached. Then she turned and walked away, the man smacking her firm *** as she left. Both Alex and the other man watched the girl walk away, their eyes fixed on her swaying backside.

"Has my daughter proved a worthy guide", the man asked Alex, indicating the girl who had just left. "Your daughter", Alex repeated, shocked by the revelation. "Natalie", the man said, nodding and putting his arm around Alex's shoulders, leading him outside once again. "She has", Alex said, his voice awkward and stammering as he tried to reconcile the information with how he had seen the two interact.

"And I've heard she served you last night", man continued. "Did she do well?" Alex blushed as he remembered Natalie down on her knees, her eyes filled with hunger as she sucked on his ****. "She, um", he stammered, not wanting to tell the man that his own daughter had swallowed a load of Alex's ***. "She didn't make you orgasm", the man asked, his voice serious and his eyes dark. "I'll see that she's properly punished."

"No", Alex said suddenly, not wanting Natalie to come to any harm because of him. "I wasn't aware that you knew about that. She did very well." "That's good", the man said, his expression growing lighter once more. "As much time as I've spent training her, she shouldn't have any problems pleasing you." "You trained her", Alex said, a questioning note to his voice. "I did, as well as the rest of my daughters", the man said. "Just wait until you feel her ***** wrapped around your ****. It's like heaven on earth."

Alex's face grew beet red as the man talked. "But, why would you do that with your daughter", Alex exclaimed. A look of puzzlement crossed the other man's face, disappearing quickly as understanding came to him. "It has been so long since I was part of the world beyond this island that I forget that the norms of society are so restricting."

The man laughed and gestured toward the many naked women of the village. "Here, you will find no restrictions from your life beyond these shores. If you find a female beautiful, you enjoy her. It matters not who she is." "But aren't you worried about the dangers of impregnating your own daughter", Alex asked. "This island is a strange and magical place", the man said. "There are no such dangers here. All daughters are born pure and with no imperfections."

"What about sons", Alex asked. "Aside from you, I've seen no other men here." "No sons are born here, only daughters", the man said as he looked around the village. "If there are no men, then how did you get here", Alex asked. "The same way you did", the man said. "The sea brought me here, long ago ."

"How long have you been here", Alex asked as the duo started walking down the hill. Occasionally one of the women would hand either man a purple fruit or a cup of water. "I'm not entirely sure", the man said. "The last year that I was part of the outside world was 1871." Alex's eyes grew wide as the words entered his mind. "How is that possible? It's 2021 now. That means that you've been here for 150 years, yet you don't look a day over forty."

The man smiled as he bit into the purple fruit he held in his hand, then held it up before his eyes. "The fruit that grows here, the water of this island; my daughter told you they grant understanding, which allows you to comprehend the language of this place. They also grant increased vitality and stamina, as well as longevity and health." "So, if a person ate the fruit and drank the water, they would be immortal", Alex asked, the words seeming like an impossibility.

"Not quite", the man said. "Yes, your life is increased by the bounty of this place, but nothing lasts forever. For the last few years, I have begun to feel the effects of age. I suspect that is why the sea brought you here. For my time is nearly at an end, so another must take my place." Alex shook his head vigorously. "You can't be serious. I have a life that I have to get back to. Besides, shouldn't your daughter take your place?"

"Women do not lead in this place", the man said. "Some of them probably could, but none of then aspire to leadership. That has always been a position held by a man and probably always will." "Well, like I said, I have a life that I need to get back to", Alex said. "I think that you'll change your mind", the man said. "But only time will tell. For now, just relax and recuperate." "I will", Alex said, "but then I'm going to find a way to get home."


After more than an hour of walking and talking, the man, who told Alex that his name was Charles, left Alex to explore the village. Not knowing where to go, Alex decided to head back to the beach and see if he could find any sign of wreckage. For, he assumed, in order for him to have ended up here, the plane he was on had to have gone down. "So there must be debris somewhere on the beach. Maybe even a radio or phone, something I can use to contact the outside world."

As he walked toward the jungle, two girls suddenly bounded toward him. Alex blinked, thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him, for the two girls looked exactly the same. Then he realized that they must be twins. Their skin was pale and freckles dotted their bodies, though not in an overwhelming way; straight, red hair hung down their backs; the only difference he could see, and this was only once they were closer to him, was that one had green eyes and the other had blue.

"Hi", said the green eyed girl. "I'm Katie and this is Naomi." "Hi there", Alex said, looking up and down their slender bodies. Their B cup tits stood perky and firm, immediately drawing his eyes to the twins' chests. "I'm Alex", he said as he forced himself to look at the girls' faces. "We know", said Naomi and both girls giggled. "Our sister told us who you are."

"Who is your sister", he asked and they laughed. "Natalie must not have made much of an impression if you can't even remember her", Katie said and Alex shook his head. "It's not that. I just would have never guessed that she's your sister. You two look nothing like her." "Most of our sisters look different from each other", Naomi said. "Our father says that one of the gifts of the Minerva fruit is diversity among our genes."

The words filled Alex's thoughts as he remembered Charles telling him that there was no danger of inbreeding here. "This must be what he meant", Alex thought, then turned his concentration to the twins again. "How many sisters do you two have?" "Most of the girls in the village are our sisters. Only a few of then didn't come from our father's amazing ****", Katie said and both girls squirmed a little .

The freedom with which they talked about their own father in such a way surprised Alex, although he supposed that it probably shouldn't, after the way Charles had talked about Natalie. "Well, I'm sure I'll get the chance to meet all of your sisters while I'm here", he said and, by sheer force of will, turned himself away from the naked, nubile beauties and started toward the jungle once more.

"Where are you going", Naomi asked as both girls started following Alex. "To the beach", he said as he walked. "I want to see if there's any debris from the plane wreck." "You won't find anything", Katie said. "Our father said that magic brought you here. Still, we love going to the beach." Alex rolled his eyes at the mention of magic, although he secretly wondered if that was the true explanation for how he had ended up here. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to complain about the company he had as he trekked through the green undergrowth.

As Alex set food on the sand of the beach, the twins shrieked and ran into the waves. Soon they were splashing each other and enjoying the salty water. "Come play with us, Alex", Naomi called and Alex shook his head. "I can't right now", he said and started walking down the sand strip. Within moments, he felt a petite hand slip into his. He turned to see Katie beside him. "Well, if you don't want to swim, there are other ways to play", she said and dropped to her knees.

Before he could say anything, the girl had his **** in her mouth. Naomi wasn't far behind and joined her twin sister, kneeling before Alex and running her tongue over his balls. Alex moaned as the two girls used the lips and tongues to pleasure him. Naomi took first one, then both balls in her mouth while Katie practically inhaled his shaft, the first few inches of his **** burying in her throat. He nearly orgasmed right then, but Katie suddenly pulled her mouth off of his ****.

"I can think of a much better place to put this", she said with a coy smile. Then she turned and got onto her hands and knees, her ***** dripping with excitement as she presented herself to Alex. Naomi moved over to her twin sister and used her fingers to spread Katie's wet lips. "Doesn't it look good", Naomi said, practically purring as the words slipped from her lips. "So enticing, as if paradise itself is trying to pull you in."
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Mar 2, 2016
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Hello, all been a member for awhile. I tend to lurk and use the forums to answer questions from time to time, as I repair Iphones, and phones in general, in my spare time. At this moment use s20 ultra, but wanna new mi11

Hello and welcome to iMore! It's good to have you here.


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Apr 6, 2016
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Hello, all been a member for awhile. I tend to lurk and use the forums to answer questions from time to time, as I repair Iphones, and phones in general, in my spare time. At this moment use s20 ultra, but wanna new mi11

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to iMore.

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