SceneRecord Ten Tips

Jul 28, 2014
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SceneRecord is a free iOS-based recording App, you can record directly to MP3 format (meaning you can play on any platform), and After it can be bothered by call, recording continues automatically (without manual intervention, resulting in avoiding forget to continue recording) , of course, these are recordings commonly used functions, then I would tell you other ten Tips to use this App.

Tips 1: Change the Sound
By changing the sound, you can effectively protect the sound source, in many cases, it is very necessary. Of course, by changing the sound, you can make funny sounds, that will become very interesting.

Tips 2: MP3 Format Direct Recording
Support MP3 format direct recording, you will find extremely easy to use, you need not do any format conversion, you can play the recordings on any platform.

Tips 3: Lock Screen Recording
This is too useful if you want to covert recording evidence, simply open the SceneRecord App, start recording, then press the lock screen key to lock the screen, and then the iPhone directly hides his pocket, went to the scene to forensics. SceneRecord can record, as long as the storage space discontent, the battery is not empty.

Tips 4: Multiple Photos Taken
General Recording App does not contain pictures, or can not support more than one photo shoot. SceneRecord shoot multiple photos while recording and bring unexpected convenience. Specific steps:
1, click the Record button to start recording;
2, click the camera button on the main interface or image area can add photos;
3, you can achieve multiple times to add photos added.

Tips 5: Lossless Audio Format
Lossless audio format typically used for live music and sound recording folk songs, these high-quality music recordings will be used for post-production material. Specific steps:
1, click the Settings button to enter the system setup;
2, Select PCM 320M hour format that is lossless formats.

Tips 6: Two Recording Mixing
SceneRecord supports two audio mixing, by mixing the two can be combined into a recording, typically used for a recording with background music, mixing several times, you will find an unexpected effect.

Tips 7: Shake, Auto-play the next one
SceneRecord can shake the phone to automatically switch to the next one during playback, regardless of whether the lock screen.

Tips 8:You can pause playback without unlocking
SceneRecord lock screen when playing the recording, double-click the Home button, you can see the play pause button, click on it to pause the currently playing without unlocking.

Tips 9:Recording + Photos = Video
SceneRecord supports the recording and photos blended into video. if you have a recording, and then add a few pictures to this recording, and then in the export interface to export directly to the album, you can find this recording and photo album inside synthetic video.

Tips 10: Recently Playlist
Through recent playlist, you can quickly find the nearest direct playback and recording of documents without additional lookup. Especially when the playback and mixing, at least 10 times more efficient operation.

This application has many features. These are just my personal summary. If you find a new feature, you can reply directly to share.