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[REVIEW] MyCharge HubMax


Dec 25, 2011
The Good, the Bad, and the OK
Power banks are still a necessary evil even in 2019. There are times when you’re out and about all day and need to keep your devices charged. For those times you need to have a good, solid, and reliable power bank. The 10,050mah MyCharge HubMax will certainly give you that. The aluminum body makes it a very sturdy, and weighty, power bank. One side is even curved which makes it feel a lot more comfortable to hold, which will you need to do. On the bottom edge you have the FCC information, and a USB-A port, which would be fantastic if it were a USB-C port for fast charging. The top corner has a four dot LED battery indicator, while underneath that on the front side you have the power button, and the built-in Lightning, and microUSB cables. The back side holds only the flip down plug to plug the HubMax directly into a wall outlet to charge. The problems I see here are that the only way to charge the HubMax is with this plug on the back, which means you have to leave it plugged into an outlet to charge. This will charge fairly quickly, however, I still find it a little annoying.


The built-in cables are another issue. While it is nice to have cables right there on a power bank, the issue I have with these cables is that they are very short and not that flexible. Which means it’s a little annoying to charge devices with those built-in cables, and would be even more annoying if you were trying to charge two devices with them, and even more so if you were trying to charge two devices with the built-in cables and another devices with the USB port. While I find these aspects of the HubMax annoying, it is still a fantastic power bank that works very well. I should also mention only the front and back covers are aluminum, while the the seam between those covers and all the other edges are rubber. It creates a unique feel to the HubMax. I also find the battery indicator to be pretty accurate despite only being set up to read in twenty-five percent increments. I have been using the HubMax for a little over a week now and it has found a permanent place in my daily carry bag. I don’t need to use it that often on a daily basis, however, when I do, it’s there when I need it.


The Good
  • Built-in cables
  • Faster recharge
  • Easy to see battery life indicator

The Bad
  • Built-in cables are a bit short
  • USB port is USB-A not USB-C
  • A little pricey

DISCLAIMER: I understand the text is blurry, but the main subjects being the port and cables are good.

The MyCharge HubMax is definitely one of the better power banks I’ve used. Based on it’s functionality I could easily recommend it, even with the minor annoyances with the built-in cables. As you saw in my negative points though, the HubMax comes at a cost. It will set you back $100, which is not an insignificant amount when it comes to a power bank. That price tag makes it harder for me to recommend. So it really comes down to you, whether or not you think the $100 price is worth the built-in cables and 10,050mah battery. You can find the MyCharge HubMax here.