[REVIEW] Mujjo Dual Layered Touchscreen Gloves (2018)


Dec 25, 2011
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Looking Back
Last year I reviewed Mujjo's dual layered touchscreen gloves, you can check out that review here. I really love those gloves and I would say they are my favorite pair of gloves I've ever had. There are a lot of really great features about them. Small things that make for great usability and comfort. I really didn't know a pair of gloves could be so great. So naturally, when I was given the opportunity to review the updated version of the gloves I jumped on it.

Back To Now
So what does Mujjo bring to the dual layered touchscreen gloves in 2018? A whole new aesthetic is what they bring. Gone is the static lookalike fabric, gone is the wool, gone are the studded palms, and gone is the magnetic clasp on the wrists. However, the 3M Thinsulate remains. 3M Thinsulate is one of the greatest things ever. It will keep your hands warm in very frigid temperatures. What Mujjo offers this year is more modern and sleek design. The all-new dual layered touchscreen gloves are thin and lightweight. Replacing the studded palms is a new grip pattern on the fingers and that grip works far better than you would believe from looking at it. One more difference I noticed is that the gloves from last year have a much more distinguishable second layer that you can feel inside the glove. Without the magnetic clasps on the wrists you are left with a much more traditional glove. And unfortunately for me, that also brings with it the woes of traditional gloves with my hands. By that, I mean they don't stay in position as well as I would like and I have to readjust them pretty often. This is not a problem with the gloves, but rather a problem with generic sizing. I have small fingers with a wider hand, which means my hands fit somewhere between a small and medium when it comes to gloves. I'm usually left with excess space in the fingertips or I'm unable to fit the gloves over my hands.


Barring my own issues with generic sizing though, the all-new dual layered touchscreen gloves are still simply a fantastic pair of gloves. They are warmer than you would expect with more grip than you would believe and they work beautifully when interacting with your touchscreen devices. I've seen all kinds of touchscreen gloves and most of them look weird with patches sewn into them for you to use your devices with. Mujjo does no such thing. In fact, you would be hard pressed to believe they could interact with touchscreens at all. That's how seamless Mujjo's design is. I really can't praise that enough. You will not have issues holding onto, and using, even a small phone. Where I live, during the winter, temperatures tend to average between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Mujjo's gloves handle that with ease. I still can't believe how warm they are in frigid environments. I can't stress enough how great these gloves are.


The Good
  • Incredibly warm
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Fantastic grip

The Bad
  • May need more adjustment
  • Dual tone may not be everyone
  • May be a little costly for some

If you are looking for beautiful, fantastic winter gloves that you can use still your phone with then look no further. Mujjo's dual layered touchscreen gloves are for sure the best I've ever used. If you have no issues using standard sized gloves, I whole heartedly recommend these gloves. Even if you don't mind standard sized gloves. If you wear gloves in the winter, I recommend these gloves. I really can't praise Mujjo's gloves enough. From the comfortability, to the practicality, to the usability, they are all top notch. I didn't mention earlier, but the stitching and overall manufacturing is flawless. So check them out on Mujjo's site here, they run about $47.50 and you can change the viewable currency in the menu bar.​
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