Returning to LTE slow?

dream weave

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Jan 12, 2011
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Anyone else having issues running 6.0.1 having issues with the phone reconnecting to LTE? My new office is a mile from a vzw call center, but signal doesn't get in the building. Usually switches to 3G, but after leaving it won't return to LTE. Yesterday I did a reset network when I got home and got LTE back, today I had to reboot on the way home to get it back. Any suggestions other than wiping the phone? Switching to airplane mode or LTE off then on did nothing, as well as data off.


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Jun 12, 2011
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i dont think wiping the phone will help. its worth a try but with the wifi but with ios6 and now this i have a funny feeling it may be a software issue. i dont have a 5 so i cannot test it but i know my buddy has never had this issue.