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Recommend RockPlayer 2 - All Formats Media Player


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Sep 3, 2012
RockPlayer2 is a high quality, fluent, multiple formats media player, with gesture control, srt subtitle, audio track selecting, RockShare file sharing, AirPlay, Customizable play control bar and more.


Are you looking something different? Need a player to play MKV,AVI,RMVB,MOV,DIVX,WEBM,FLAC,APE ... ? Are you "lazy" enough to hate the small seeking bar and small pause button? Do you want to share the fun video clip to the friends beside you? RockPlayer2 is the answer.


RockPlayer2 can smooth playback the 720p MKV , RMVB files on iPhone 4s and iPad 2. Support almost all the formats of media files in the world.

Not only the great decoding engine, RockPlayer 2 comes with some Unique Features , for example:

RockShare: it's able to quickly transfer files between itself running on different iOS devices (even between large- and small-screened ones). The transfer speed is pretty good: I've measured around 1.4 Mbps on my ?clean? 802.11g local network between an iPad 3 and an iPod touch 4G. Transferring a file (or sets of files) is very easy: you just select it/them in the file list view and tap the Wi-Fi icon. When there's another iOS device running RockPlayer2 in the vicinity, it'll be listed as a possible receiver. You tap its name; a confirmation dialog is, then, displayed on the other


Customization Panel: you can customize your control bar using Customization panel , to keep your playback view clean and high performance. Just long press on the control bar, Choose the functions you need and replace them ,then you can get it.Like customizing your dock on your iPhone




Download RockPlayer2 (FREE):http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rockp...548674471?mt=8&at=10l3Vy
RockPlayer website : http://www.rockplayer.com
Rock Player facebook: http://www.facebook.com/changetech.corp
See RockPlayer on Youtube: RockPlayer2 - YouTube
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