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Oct 25, 2008
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I love this application and here is why.

1) It launches and moves from screen to screen quickly. Other radio apps are sluggish.

2) It provides a full list of hits when searching shoutcast. Other radio apps for some reason only return a few results. For example if I search NPR in flytunes I get 5 results. On the desktop I get 29 and in radiobox i get 29.

3) It runs perfectly in the background on my jailbroke iphone with backgrounder.

4) From tap to audio is 10 second and there are only very very rare skips there after. This is great! It connects quickly and maintains the stream.

5) Great battery life! They say it wont drain your battery and they are right. I stream for hours and see little juice lost, AMAZING!

6) Creating favorites is a piece of cake, just tap the heart.

7) It has portals to shoutcast and ice cast. On my treo I had to access shoutcast via browser>download a link and launch the link. RadioBox makes it EZ!

8) Its not buggy. I have tyried all the free players and they are slow and buggy with freezes, failure to launch and glitches.

It gets 5 out of 5 stars and worth 4 bucks!
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